Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Right Call

The final chapter of the Sophie Trace Trilogy, ‘The Right Call’, is an intriguing amalgamation of murder, romance and Christian values. The scene is set in a small American town where main character, Ethan Langley, had expected to spend a care-free summer with his girlfriend, Vanessa and her baby boy, Carter. However, nothing could have prepared him for the shock when four young people were murdered in cold blood– one of whom was especially close to his heart. Could Vanessa’s mother and Chief of Police, Brill Jessup, solve the case before any more innocent lives were lost?

In the first few chapters, new characters are introduced at quite a quick pace and it might seem a little confusing if you aren’t familiar with the first two books of the trilogy. However, the author (Kathy Herman) includes sufficient background information for the book to be read as a stand-alone title. I enjoyed the fact that the Christian element of the story wasn’t cliché or preachy. Faith was integrated throughout the book as a way of people responding to what was happening in their lives. ‘Arrow’ prayers were often shot up to God at times of real difficulty – I liked the reality of that. I also valued the story’s message that God can use even the most painful of situations to work things out for his good purposes.

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