Friday, 30 July 2010

Book Signing

As a new and relatively small business, we understand the pressures and challenges of trying to put ourselves on the map and for Quench to become a widely-spread and well-loved name. It is for that reason, and for many more, which we readily support local and budding authors.

One of those said authors, whose books our Reading branch have stocked since November 2009, is journalist and broadcaster John Madeley. Currently residing in Caversham, Reading, Mr. Madeley specialises in social development issues such as international trade, aid and human rights. His passion for a fair and peaceful world has led him to write a number of books on these topics, but it is only his latest publication which has reached the Christian market.

Beyond Reach?, set in 2005, is a novel based on the Make Poverty History campaign. In it, Madeley addresses modern ethics, politics, relationships and the meaning of life. Here are what some have said about the book:

"A gripping and inspiring story of forbidden love and the struggle for justice" - D. Rhodes

"Truly a great marriage of entertainment and purpose" - Rev. P. Wedgewood

"A revealing story about a scandal of our time, witty, sharp and above all urgent" - R. Boycott

It is a great pleasure, then, for us to have John Madeley join us - at our Reading branch - for a book signing event on Saturday, 7th August. He will be selling and signing copies of his new book between 2 - 4 pm as well as happily answering questions about his journalistic work and life as a succesful author. It would be a great opportunity for all, not only to support a local author in difficult times, but also for those who are interested in writing, journalism and fair trade.

Please do come along if you can make it. We would love to see you there; supporting both Quench and John Madeley as we strive to stay afloat in a struggling industry.

60 London Street,
0118 9576078

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