Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Beginnings

Welcome to our new Quench blog!

We are excited to be so involved with you - our friends, loyal customers and faithful suppliers - through Facebook, Twitter and now Blogger! I think we are more privileged than we realise to be living in times such as these, with countless Christian resources at our fingertips to help us in all areas of our walk with Christ. From websites like Bible Gateway providing us with different Bible translations and Sermon Audio offering sound, biblical preaching, to podcasts, blogs, Christian newspapers/magazines etc... the list goes on!

As you may know, we are a chain of 5 Christian bookshops who were formerly under the management of St. Andrews. Now, a new and thriving company, the shops at Reading, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Slough and St. Albans aim to bring about a fresh, modern approach to a Christian presence on the high street. As our website states, we want to be a lamp-stand in the retail world and offer excellent customer serice as well as a dynamic product range. We hope that those of you who have supported us over this past year have experienced this and are seeing the positive changes which we are gradually implementing.

As Christians, we should be making the most of our opportunity to grow in faith by taking advantage of these resources that have only recently become readily available to us thanks to modern technology and the internet. Yet the importance of having a physical place in which to browse the latest books, CD's, DVD's, gifts and cards and to meet with local Christians should not be discredited. There will always be a place for the Christian bookshop on the high street - especially for evangelistic purposes ("How can they hear about [Jesus] unless someone tells them?" Romans 10:14, NLT)

We're looking forward to this exciting, and no doubt challenging, journey and we hope you will be right there with us - growing in understanding and faith, learning to trust God even in the hard times, and praising Him through to eternity.


  1. Do you sell ebooks? I write for a relatively new Christian publishing company who sell both ebook and print books. I live in Reading and my first novel is coming out as an ebook in Nov this year

  2. No I'm afraid not, Claire. We don't currently have an online bookshop, but perhaps in the future that is something we may be able to accomodate. For the moment, we're a new business and I'm afraid we don't yet have the means to sell books or ebooks online.

    Is your book coming out in a printed copy as well? That would be something we could help you with if you're interested.