Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Christian films, in times gone by, have been known to hit high on the cringe-o-meter. Dodgy acting, shoddy camera shots and an ending you can predict in the first five minutes don't exactly scream blockbuster entertainment.

But - and this is something we're getting really excited about - Christian films have been given a drastic makeover and recent sales across the board are reflecting their new found popularity. So far, we've given you Faith Like Potatoes, Hansie, Fireproof, Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Sarah's Choice, The Wager, In The Blink of An Eye - and, the fact is, they are just getting better.

Now, new from Integirty, we give you Rust:

'A man of lost faith in a midlife crisis finds hope where he least expects it - his hometown. James Moore (Corbin Bernsen) is a former pastor who returns home to discover a family new to the area has been killed in a mysterious fire, and his childhood friend is implicated in the murder. Convinced of his friend's innocence, James sets out on a mission to find the truth... and in the process, rediscovers his own lost faith. Rust is an uplifiting drama about faith, family and the powerful ties that bind a community together.'

Still not sure? Check out this film trailer to see for yourself.


We're also very excited for the release of Letters to God, which we don't yet have in stock, but hope to have very soon. A boy, ill with Leukemia, faithfully writes letters to God which changes the life of his postman and his Mum. We strongly recommend you watch the trailer for that too:


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