Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'Reinventing Rachel' by Alison Strobel

Reinventing Rachel; redefining God.

A young woman's devout faith is shattered when her perfect life turns to disaster. A cheating fiance, a family who lied to her and a friend she thought she could count on - Rachel Westing begins to question the character, and even existence, of God.

Twenty years of faithful obedience and church attendance – Rachel thought – qualified her for a blessed and comfortable life. When God doesn't deliver on his end of the bargain, she goes looking for something else. But, having flown half-way across the states to live with an old school-friend in an endeavour to experience a new way of life, she is met with even more heartache and trouble.

Ultimately, Rachel is challenged on whether she had ever truly grasped the message of the gospel.

Alison Strobel's language and style are fluently expressed in this gripping novel. Effortless to read, each page draws you into Rachel's world and challenges you to think about your own pereception of God and what a relationship with Him entails. Perhaps, due to the topics addressed, 'Reinventing Rachel' might appeal more to a younger readership. I'm definately looking forward to reading her next book!

"This honestly written book is a must-read for any survivor or 'churchanity'. Realistic and transparent, Rachel Westing will strike a familiar chord with anyone who's ever felt disenfranchised with contemporary 'Christian' culture." -Melody Carlson

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